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I. Categories of Foreign Students and Admission Requirements
The students who apply for admission should be in good health and are expected to study hard, observe the laws and decrees of the Chinese government and abide by the regulations of BUAA.
    1. Master Degree Candidates
         a. The applicant should be thirty-five years of age or under.
         b. In general the applicant should have a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree or have              the equivalent educational background of a B.S. degree.
         c. He/she must have a good command of English and have the ability to take              courses in English or Chinese.
     2. Doctoral Candidates
         a. In general, the applicant should be forty years of age or under.
         b. He/she must have a Master degree or have the equivalent educational              background of a Master degree.
         c. He/she must pass the entrance examination organized by the university.
         d. He/she must be proficient in English and able to take courses in English or              Chinese.
II. Application Procedures and Required Documents  
    1. The applicant for admission should apply in writing and ask for an Application Form for         Foreign Students from the Foreign Affairs Office of BUAA.  
    2. The applicant should submit the following materials:    
        a. The Application Form for Foreign Students which should be completed by the             applicant.     
        b. A health certificate which bears the seal of clinic or hospital should be completed             by a medical doctor after a physical examination.
        c. Duplicated copies of a notarized diploma or certificate and notarized             school-certificate transcripts of complete academic records.   
        d. Two letters of recommendation from teachers or experts at or above the level of             associate professor.   
        e. A certificate from the financial guarantor of the applicant. All the above-mentioned             materials should be provided in English or with a translation in English.  
    3. All materials should be mailed or delivered directly to the Division of International         Exchange and Cooperation of BUAA, with an application fee of 50 USD. The deadline         for completion of all application materials is June 15 of each year.


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