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  • What is Computer Mathematics?
    Computer mathematics is a subject of interaction between mathematics and computer science, studying how to use computers to represent and manipulate mathematical notions, symbols, and knowledge, to perform mathematical computation and reasoning, and to visualize, analyze, and process data and figures.
  • What the Center for Computer Mathematics (CCM) does?
    CCM is devoted to studying the theory, algorithms, software, and applications of computer mathematics.  Directed by Professor Dongming Wang, CCM is part of the Key Laboratory of Mathematics, Informatics and Behavioral Semantics of the Ministry of Education of China and the School of Science, Beihang University.
  • How to participate in academic activities of CCM?
    CCM academic activities are open to all students and scholars (see the Activities column for details and here for contact information).
  • How to join CCM?
    Interested people are welcome to join CCM as faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and Master or Ph.D. students. Applications should be submitted to the School of Science, Beihang University. Student applicants may refer to the Recruitment column for more details.

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